Floor-standing Speakers

Definitive Technology Mythos STS Supertower Speakers



Living with the STS in my system for as long as I did, I was awed with the flexibility of music sources, and genres for that matter. As my tastes vary dramatically, I'm happy to report the Mythos handled it all confidently. Especially important and impressive is that ability to reproduce without imposing a signature –guitars sounded full and woodsy without stringy brightness. Horn instruments sound crisp and vibrant, but not raspy or colored. Vocals, both male and female are natural and full without sounding boxy or chesty.

The Mythos STS Supertower floorstanding speaker is unique enough to be considered in a class by themselves – rich fine detail, full-bodied mid-tones, and adjustable self-powered bass, in fact considering what you get, these are value-priced speakers. Modest receivers as well as high output amplifiers easily drive the STS's suggesting an easy integration into most any system – 2-channel, or surround.

I really grew to appreciate the nuances and sophistication of the Mythos STS, and would easily be thrilled to keep them around for a long, long time.