SUNDANCE Film Festival 2009

Sundance 2009

The Sundance festival is very much an industry festival compared to most others that I've attended. Films are selected with the expectation that there will be some interest from film distributer and it seems like most of the attendees are somehow in 'the business'. There seemed to be fewer celebrities about at the 2009 festival as compared to 2008 however. Possibly that was due to the Presidential  inauguration which was right in the middle of the first half. There was still plenty of craziness on the opening weekend including a truck with a bullhorn dedicated to getting us to buy Love Sac beanbag chairs. These obnoxious dolts drove around Park City announcing their intention to party all through the night for the first few nights. I resorted to ear plugs.

Sundance is broken into two halves – A and B. Most attendees go for only one of those. The films are the same in the two halves and even attending both A and B you couldn't see everything but it's expensive in Park City during the festival and there's only so much entertainment you can take. If you can endure the jacked up hotel prices it's a great time to go skiing (perhaps that was the idea of having it in January). Other skiers stay away because of the high lodging rates and most of the festival attendees are there for movies. So we alternated movie days with ski days and it worked famously even if the snow wasn't great - even got rained on one day while skiing. This is especially tragic when you consider that as a Colorado native I enjoyed my share of skiing but always heard how the best powder in the world was in Utah. Then, I move to Oregon and ski only occasionally because getting rained on, or general white-out conditions are all too common. Then I go to Utah and… I'm still not over it.