San Francisco Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival


It's a Wrap

I left the Park from the Sutro Stage as Johnson was winding down his act, and I was happy to notice that the trash on the field was a lot less imposing than I'd expected. I can't imagine leaving Golden Gate Park without picking up after myself,and it seems most people there were of a similar mindset. I view this festival as a success and I'm very happy to have witnessed it. The folks at Another Planet Entertainment run a class act and I bet next year's festival is going to be more polished and precise than the inaugural run. It must be tough to get something like this off the ground. I'm glad someone here has the stones to try. APE was founded by some folks that worked closely with legendary concert promoter, Bill Graham. In 1991, a free concert brought 300,000 people to Golden Gate Park to remember Graham who had died in a helicopter crash near Vallejo earlier that year. I like to imagine that he'd have been proud of his progeny for providing San Francisco with such a memorable event in such a bucolic setting.

Jason Crawford

From Athens Georgia, Jason is a multi-instrumentalist and recording enthusiast.  He has played in several bands over the years, including The Routine Felonies.