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Alice in Wonderland: The Theater Movie as Seen with IMAX 3D vs. Dolby 3D


I recently had the pleasure of catching this movie in IMAX 3D, and then later in Dolby 3D.  I have not seen this film in a regular theater setting, but then the "buzz" around this film is all about the 3D.  One of our SECRETS team has commented on the current film along with his review of the vintage Alice films in the April, 2010 Movie Reviews.


A Visit to Emotiva Audio in Franklin, Tennessee

A visit to Emotiva Audio in Franklin, Tennessee

As you can well imagine, there are many enjoyable aspects to writing for Secrets. Recently I experienced a rare treat when I visited the offices of Emotiva Audio in Franklin, Tennessee.


Secrets Best of 2009 Product Awards

The Secrets Best of 2009 Product Awards, featuring the following categories: Accessories, Small Accessories, Headphones, Shaker Packages, Blu-ray Players, Budget CD Players, Budget DACs, High End DACs, Flat Panel HDTVs, Home Theater in a Box, Small Audio Systems with iPod Dock, Value in Power Amplifiers, Stereo Power Amplifiers, Power Conditioners, Budget Stereo Preamplifiers, Stereo Preamplifiers, Surround Sound Processors, Budget Projectors, High End Projectors, Mid-Level A/V Receivers, Budget Receivers, High End A/V Receivers, Floor Standing Speakers, 5.1 Speaker Packages, In-wall Speakers, Bookshelf Speakers, In-Floor/In-Ceiling Subwoofers, Large Subwoofers, Mid-Size Subwoofers, Small Subwoofers, Media Processor System-on-Chip, High Definition Video Cameras, Emotiva Cables, High End SACD Players.


Audio/Video Cables: The Science and the Insanity


Over the past several years, I noticed that some A/V cable companies have expanded their lines to include interconnects and speaker cables that cost in the thousands, no make that tens of thousands, of dollars. You can actually spend about $25,000 on one pair of speaker cables about 5 meters in length. For that same amount of money, you can purchase a Blu-ray player, top notch receiver, full set of 7.1 speakers, good subwoofer, 1080p projector, a projection screen, and all the A/V cables you need to connect them - in other words, a complete home theater system.



Lexicon-MC-12B-Preamplifier-TeaserThank you to all of the CAVE Members.......we have awarded the Lexicon, as announced in the CAVE.......The winner of  the Blu-ray discs will be announced on Friday!!   The next CAVE award will be "Officially" announced in next week's Newsletter.....(HINT:  something special from our friends Downunder!!)  So if you haven't signed up for the Newsletter, please do so now.....

Sign up as a member in the Secrets CAVE and you will have a chance to win our reference Lexicon MC-12B SSP (we are changing it out for a different product because we need HDMI audio inputs). This SSP is a superb product that can be used as a two-channel preamp if you wish.


Sundance Film Festival 2010 - Full Report

Sundance Film Festival 2010

Attendance was reported to be down a little at this year's Sundance. It seemed that way but since we attended for the second half only it wasn't perfectly clear. There were still sold out movies but in general the lines seemed a little shorter.


NAIM Audio Recap Tour

McCormack LD-2 and DNA-250

In my recent review of the Primaluna Dialogue Two I complained that tubes require maintenance. I didn't complain much as Primaluna does a great job of minimizing those requirements. I should have held my complaint for my solid state gear. That's right, even power supplies require maintenance. That's the message that Naim is sending out with their Recap Tour. That's 'Recap' as in 'Replace the Capacitors'.


SECRETS Coverage CES 2010


SECRETS Coverage of CES is full of pictures from the main CES venues.....the Convention Center and Venetian, along with some private showings! Check out Reports from Piero, Ross, Stephen and Cynthia in the CAVE!! Tried out some video this year.......just posted in the CAVE!


Telluride 2009 Film Festival

Teluride 2009

The year before last was the last year that longtime Telluride Film Festival founders Bill and Stella Pence were part of the festival organizing team. The rumor last year was that the crop of movies at last year's festival was diminished somewhat due to their absence, the idea being that they had pull in Hollywood to bring the block buster films to Telluride.


CES 2010-Full Coverage

CES 2010

Well the swine flu has not kept the crowd away at CES. I chatted with a CES groupie who just flew in from Paris...are you kidding me? A group behind me on the shuttle bus heard that the hotels...


Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

Warren Hellman is a man with deep pockets and a deep appreciation of traditional bluegrass music.  The fact that he lives in San Francisco is just a matter of good luck for its citizens.  This year marked the ninth consecutive year that he's gifted Shaky Town with his Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, and it's an event that locals are loathe to miss and travelers are eager to see.