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Telluride Film Festival 2010

2010 Telluride Film Festival

Passes were nearly sold out at this year’s festival but getting around and getting into movies seemed a quite a bit easier than in past years. This might have been dumb luck or it might have been that a bunch of people were trying to see James Franco in person at screenings of 127 Hours. Usually we get five movies per day...don't miss the Telluride presentation about the past and present of 3D.


CEDIA 2010 Show Coverage from Atlanta


CEDIA 2010 is underway in Atlanta.......The SECRETS Team has arrived and is reporting......with continuous coverage from the floor over the next few days.  The Secrets Team.....Piero Gabucci, Chris Eberle, Jim Milton, Chris Heinonen, Jim Clements and Mark Vignola....... will be attending numerous press conferences and booth tours over the next few days. Check out the reports, pictures and videos from the team and check back often for updates.  John and Cynthia are attending as well....check out John's CEDIA summary early next week!!  Reports are live from Jim Milton, Jim Clements, Chris Heinonen and Chris Eberle!  Piero, is that an iPad??


Editorial: Playing Downloaded High Resolution Music Albums on a Universal Player Instead of Your Computer

editorial-banner-7-8-10Although SACDs and DVD-As have not succeeded as much as music studios had thought, and audiophiles had hoped, they are still being released in small quantities, particularly by independent labels. However, there is another alternative, which is downloading the high rez albums if they are not available commercially on discs in stores.


A Video Interview with Andy Ton from Win Analog

win-analog-andy-ton-photo-teaserAfter seeing the Win Analog preamp and power amplifiers at the California Audio Show a few weeks ago, I drove to the Win Analog offices in the San Francisco East Bay and interviewed the designer, Andy Ton. These amplifiers are very unusual, especially the power amplifiers, which use a single radio transmitter triode as the output tube in single-ended configuration, with an output of 100 watts rms in Pure Class A. Click on the photo to go to the interview to see why he used such a tube rather than a more conventional audio tube.


Editorial: MP3 Music and Undersaturated Movies

editorial-banner-7-7-10I received an interesting e-mail today, from a reader who was concerned about all the movies that have been released over the past few years with little to no color in the image.

I have been planning to write an editorial about why I think young consumers are into MP3 music and don't really care about the high quality of lossless digital music that the rest of us have been trying to get them to switch over to, or at least give it a listen.


CalMAN Calibration Bootcamp: A Crash Course in the Science of Calibration

SpectraCal Calibration Bootcamp: A Crash Course in the Science of Calibration

In May, 2010, Senior Editor Chris Heinonen and I published an article here on Secrets looking at some of the popular consumer targeted video calibration software options. We tried the free HCFR program as well as the incredibly popular CalMAN platform marketed by SpectraCal, and a new entry, ChromaPure.


Sony ES Product Announcements and 3D Studio Tour

Senior Editors Adrian Wittenberg and Chris Heinonen were invited to represent SECRETS at  Sony's unveiling of their new receivers and Blu-ray products in the flagship ES line. The press event took place at the prestigous SLS hotel in Beverly Hills and finished up at Sony Pictures where everyone got a glimpse of a few of the production facilities used in movie picture creation and 3d movie picture creation.The Sony 2010 ES lineup includes three receivers and one Blu-ray player. The most significant change that Sony will be making this year is that Sony ES products will no longer be available for purchase from mass retailers or online retailers and will only be available through AV specialty and installation dealers.


DIY Handcrafted Speakers - Winner of CAVE Contest OPPO BDP-83-NuForce Edition Universal Blu-ray Player

speakers-cave-prize-8-16-10-teaserCongratulations to the winner of the OPPO BDP-83/NuForce Edition Universal Blu-ray Player, Niko Coromelas.  Niko's story about his experience building these beautiful speakers was posted in the CAVE and we are featuring them here.  What a great project and Congratulations Niko!!

Well I don't know how many of you have tried your hand at making your own speakers but recently I set out on a project for a 3-way system and thought I would share it with everyone. My goal was to build a system that would be pleasing for both listening to Music as well as watching Movies with my projector. In the end, I was looking for a respectable set--namely better than what I could buy at a typical store. I didn't want it to cost me a fortune or never finish the project, I had that experience once before. Anyone who has gotten into a project knows what I'm talking about. You start, it seems fun with all the neat stuff, so you keep going, finding new things to add, then rebuilding half way through thus repeating the cycle till you never seem to finish. Well...this wasn't a trap I wanted to fall into!


DIY HDTV Calibration Software Overview: A Comparison of ColorHCFR, ChromaPure, and CalMAN

DIY Calibration Overview

As I've read reviews for displays for a good part of the past 20 years, I've always seen references to how close the display will come to the reference points for grayscale and color. In the past, most end users were only able to access certain controls on a TV and using a disc such as Video Essentials, you could do a pretty good job adjusting those controls on your own to get your TV as close as you could. In this report, we take video calibration a step further by comparing three calibration software packages that you can use yourself: ColorHCFR, ChromaPure, and CalMAN.


California Audio Show 2010 Report - Emeryville, California - July 30 - August 1

cas-logo-teaserThe California Audio Show held its first meeting in Emeryville, California, July 30 - August 1, 2010. Read all about it here. Amazing gear!


Sundance Film Festival 2010


Attendance was reported to be down a little at this year's Sundance. It seemed that way but since we attended for the second half only it wasn't perfectly clear. There were still sold out movies but in general the lines seemed a little shorter. This is still an industry festival and so it's a great place to take the pulse of the industry. The pulse is a little weak.