A Home Theater Build Project - Part II


Audio Considerations

The upgrades in audio that I've made have mirrored advances in video and audio delivery technology as well as advances in processing technology. The advent of HDMI significantly changed the landscape of both video and audio delivery. In order to take advantage of not only advances in resolution, but also advances in new audio compression formats, a move to an HDMI based solution is warranted.

I used the Denon 3802 receiver for many years, but when I upgraded to the PS3 and a 1080p projector it was time to take the plunge into an HDMI based solution. Because of brand loyalty and really nothing else, my next to receivers were both Denons: 3806 and 3808. I very much like the "38" series of Denon's (though they have abandoned this naming convention). They represented what I considered a great price to performance point: solidly built, good sounding, sufficiently featured, but not so high priced and filled with features that I felt I was paying for something that I wasn't going to use. I used the Denon 3808 up until just a few months ago, when I made the decision to tackle external amplification.