A Home Theater Build Project - Part II


1080p – to Full-HD and Beyond

The rumblings about 1080p started in the 2006-2007 time frame. Some initial offerings had been made at stratospheric prices from companies like Sony, Runco and Faroudja, but it wasn't until late 2006 that word started to spread of 1080p coming to us at real world pricing. Concurrent advances significant advances were also being made in the technology of projectors, with significant advances coming not only in resolution, but also in contrast ratio in several technologies.

As the dust settled I ended up with a JVC RS-1. In my 5 years on the forums up to that point, no other projector had resulted in level of buzz that they JVC had up to its release. The JVC represented a monumental advancement in contrast ratio. Without the help of a dynamic iris, the JVC engineers had figured out a way to get their LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) panels to produce contrast ratios in excess of 10,000:1 without the aid of any manipulation to the image like a dynamic iris.