Home Theater Build Chapter 4 - What’s next and where are we going?


Home Theater Build: Conclusions

This being the last section of this series, I want to reiterate one of the pieces of advice that I gave in the first installment: take your time. While it may be easy to get excited and try and tackle everything all at once, this is entirely unnecessary. Start small, and gradually work your way up. Do you need to start with all top of the line gear? By all means no – not only does this add significant cost, but it is also possible that as a first pass you might not truly be ready to appreciate where your extra dollars are going. Video projectors targeted at the home market have never been more accessible, and quality screens never cheaper. It takes very little to “get into the game” and start enjoying a true cinematic experience. So don’t get overwhelmed: start small, make use of the gear you currently have, and make baby steps. Begin upgrading equipment incrementally, changing this that will make the highest impact first, then moving to more niche things. One of the great things about this hobby is that there will never be a shortage of new things to research, contemplate, and buy. Enjoy –