Home Theater Build Chapter 4 - What’s next and where are we going?


Home Theater Build: A return to video processing?

I have written previously on secrets about the recent renaissance in video processing. Even though I just stated above that calibration controls inside the display are of paramount importance, I still feel that an external processors can have an advantage, and that advantage is growing.

The ability to use VP’s as sophisticated calibration boxes has become not only more advanced, but also more approachable. Both CalMAN and Chromapure, the two most popular calibration software’s available, are now offering interactive calibration that allow each program to interact directly with video processors, implementing and measuring changes in real time during calibration. We have reviewed CalMAN 4’s interactive calibration feature here at Secrets; senior editor Chris Heinonen will soon be publishing a review of Chromapure’s interactive features. In addition to increased ease of use, video processors are also gaining relevance as we turn to more and more Internet streamed video content. This content can benefit greatly from video processing and that found in products from companies like Lumagen and DVDO are far more advanced than what found in our current displays. For these reasons I’m actively evaluating adding a video processor back into my system.