DVD Players

Sony Playstation PS3 FW 2.1



There is no pixel cropping or chroma errors, and the player is easy to navigate and quick to load. It’s when you start evaluating video processing that the PS3 crumbles.

The PS3 reminds me a bit of a flag-based video player. It passes all of the video based tests because the player literally stays locked in video mode. The PS3 has a video mode available in its setup menu, but the performance didn’t change regardless of what mode I was in. It fails all of our cadence tests, which again consists of high detail wedge patterns encoded with different cadences and breaks.



































In the table, 3=Pass, 2=Borderline, 1=Fail, 0=Not Tested


Like most game consoles, the PS3 is not what I would call a preferred video playback solution for standard DVDs. However, it is far and away one of the best Blu-ray players on the market today and an outstanding value for those looking to add HD support to their home theater system. But I would still recommend a higher quality stand alone DVD player for the more demanding home theater enthusiast.