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Denon DVD-2500BTCI Blu-ray Player - Benchmark



In Use

This player takes around fifteen seconds to power on and initiate and it has very smooth and quiet operation due to its exceptional build quality.  Load times on the player were decent with Blu-ray discs such as Pan’s Labyrinth and 300 loading up from start to finish at around forty seconds and Java titles loading up longer between a minute or two.  That’s slower than a Sony Playstation 3 (which is known for speedy operation) but not by much and it’s very respectable given what else is out there.

Commands from the remote were a tad on the sluggish side with a minor but noticeable delay between when I pushed the button and when the command processed.  Chapter skips operated briskly and were nothing to complain about.  There are five speeds of fast forward and reverse and they operated well and were fairly smooth. 
On our benchmark test for layer change the DVD-2500BTCI clocked in at a hair under a second which gives it a passing score for the test.

My setup has the Denon 2500BTCI output in bitstream mode to my Integra 9.8 DTC processor.  I experienced a few HDMI handshake issues here and there with the audio not syncing up but I’m unable to tell if it was the player or the processor causing them.


Being a HDMI 1.3a player, the 2500BTCI supports up to 36 bit Deep Color.  In the menu under the HDMI RGB setting you can select between “Normal” which has the IRE range set between 16 and 235 and “Enhanced” which changes the range from to 0 to 246 which enables one to see any additional highlights or shadows and displays more headroom and footroom present in source material.

Blu-ray video material looked very sharp with excellent definition and very good color representation including great depth in the shadows and highlights.  The 2500BTCI didn’t clip a single pixel at higher resolutions and also showed that it could produce a wide array of colors without banding effects seen on the Avia II banding pattern.  On the other hand, the player was tested for proper i/p conversion of 1080i material and it failed thus there is some loss of detail in this kind of material.  I also put the 2500BTCI through Silicon Optix’s three line jaggies test and it showed diagonal processing in effect.

The player also was tested for noise reduction but no apparent noise reduction was occurring for HD material.  I viewed the  BonusView pip feature in action on Fox Studio’s  Sunshine release and it was an entertaining feature.  A small window came up in the bottom right corner of the screen that played an HD sequence that had video and audio content relevant to the current scene.  I found it to be an interesting way to get more out of a film and I’m interested to see how this idea continues to be implemented.


When watching Blu-ray titles, the combination of the 2500BTCI and my AV processor produced excellent audio results.  Discs that contained Dolby True HD content such as Legends of Jazz with Ramsey Lewis Showcase sounded superb giving the soundstage seamless boundaries and excellent reproduction across the whole frequency spectrum.  Marcus Miller’s performance on the track entitled Panther sounded incredible with all the ranges of the electric bass work sounding very natural and articulate.

I had results that were similarly exquisite with dts-Master audio material such as from Pan’s Labyrinth and this setup made me appreciate how luxurious the modern lossless HD sound formats really are.  There was a lot to like about the DVD-2500BTCI’s performance when used together with a qualified AV processor and it’s a solution that I got a lot of enjoyment from.