Rein Audio X-DAC with USB Input


Conclusions About the Rein Audio X-DAC

This has been one of my first experiences with a DAC that has a USB input, and like my first experience, it is enlightening to say the least. The only thing still annoying is that we cannot play SACD tracks from our computers or portable music players without their having been converted from DSD to PCM before decoding. When that finally happens  - and it appears that there is progress in the world of the McIntosh - the disappearance of hard media (music discs) is well within sight. But don't throw your Universal player away just yet. There are still Blu-ray movies to contend with and it is going to be awhile before the studios relent and allow us to download high definition movies with the same bitrate as on the disc (24 Mbps) and store them on our computers for playback through HDMI outputs on the video card.

Although the Rein Audio X-DAC is a very good product, it has strong competition in that price range.