Meridian Explorer USB DAC



I have been looking for a simple, affordable way to use my laptop as a source at home and at the office without sacrificing quality.  Given the increased availability of 24/192 files, I felt the need to have that playback ability and that greatly lowered the number of choices on the market.  That is, until the Meridian Explorer became available.  When Meridian first showed us the Explorer in Las Vegas, I was cautiously excited.  I was convinced a product from Meridian would be priced out of the affordable zone I wanted to stay in.  We were taken aback by the $299 price tag for a piece of Meridian equipment. As it turns out, sacrificing quality to meet a low price was never an option for the folks at Meridian.   It may be slim and light, but the Explorer is well built and you won't have any trouble bringing this with your laptop to work or on travels.  Best of all, you won't have to sacrifice on sound quality when listening to your music collection.  At $299? My highest recommendation.