Logitech Squeezebox Touch Wireless Music Streamer



The easiest way to summarize this is to let you know that the Squeezebox Touch will not be going back to Logitech. Simple to setup, easy to use, and with great performance and quality, it's what I've been waiting for in a networked music player. I now spend my mornings listening to Pandora, find it much easier to put on whatever music I want to listen to at a moments notice without having to dig out a CD or vinyl, and find that I listen to far more music than I did before just because it is so simple. One afternoon my wife showed our babysitter how to use it quickly, and when we returned she was talking about how great it was and asking about getting one for her home stereo.

I'll probably add another one to stream music to the stereo in my son's room, and another one for the bedroom eventually as well. That's as much praise as I can offer up to anything, that I don't want to go back to living without it. I will keep a CD player in my system, for when I have a new disc to play, or my collection of SACD's, but now the majority of my listening will come from the Squeezebox Touch. It's a fantastically engineered product that is easy to use and has changed how I use my AV system more than anything else I've reviewed.