Logitech Squeezebox Touch Wireless Music Streamer


On The Bench

All bench tests were done using test files from an SD card on the Touch. I tested with both FLAC and WAV files and had no differences between the two results. Bandwidth for the 24/96 tests only goes out to 22 kHz due to an issue with the analysis software and Windows 7 that causes data above that to be unreliable. Once this is fixed I will update the tests with full spectrum results for 24/96 data.

With a 1 kHz tone, both 16/44.1 and 24/96 results are superb, with very low THD+N numbers of 0.0025% on each and one very small peak at 2 khz that is -95db below the tone.

With the 60 Hz - 7 kHz test tones, IMD was once again very low for both, coming in at 0.0015% for 16/44.1 and 0.0012% for 24/96. These are fantastic numbers and it looks like the Squeezebox Touch performs as well on the bench as it sounds in use.