Arcam rPac Headphone DAC/Amp and rBlink Bluetooth DAC


Conclusion about the Arcam rPac headphone DAC/Amp and rBlink Bluetooth DAC

Arcam sent over two products meant to solve two problems for the modern music lover. Of the two the rPac is the gem. I love this little thing. It is a fantastic product with a musical presentation well suited to desktop listening. I highly recommend it.

The rBlink is a good solution with good performance for those not invested in the iOS world. Personally if the rPac had a Bluetooth option or was offered with Bluetooth it would be a better solution than the rBlink. Which brings me to my wish list Arcam. Please make the rPac with variable output RCA connections and a mute on those outputs when headphones are plugged in. Make those changes and the rPac will be a nearly unbeatable product that can take on much more expensive USB DACs.