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GoldenEar SuperCenter XL Center Channel Speaker Review


Design and Setup of the GoldenEar SuperCenter XL Center Channel Speaker

The first thing you notice about the SuperCenter XL is that it is on the larger side of center channel speakers, measuring 29 inches x 5.75 inches x 11 inches and weighing in at 21 pounds. The sides feature glossy piano black plastic, while the rest of the speaker is covered in understated black cloth, matching the design of the Triton towers. It looks great without calling much attention to itself - something you want from a center channel speaker.

GoldenEar SuperCenter XL Center Channel Speaker Review

GoldenEar recommends that if the speaker will be placed above or below ear-level, that the included feet be installed to angle the speaker up or down accordingly. There are pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the cabinet hidden behind the speaker grille cloth. Installation entails simply locating the holes through the cloth, using a small mallet or hammer to tap the brass inserts into the holes, and then using the adjustable rubber feet to position the speaker as desired. In my setup, the speaker sits below ear level underneath the screen on a speaker stand, thus, I angle the speaker up towards the main listening positions.

Setting up the speaker is very straight forward, as you might imagine. I connected up the existing wiring for my center channel to the standard 5-way binding posts using the simple screw-down method. I fired up my receiver and re-ran my Audyssey speaker setup routine to get the basic levels, distance, and crossover configuration. I then had to confirm that the center channel was set as small. Furthermore, I adjusted the crossover to 80Hz per both a recommendation from GoldenEar as well as my personal taste. Although the SuperCenter XL is rated to go down to as low as 36Hz, I still preferred that my Triton Two's subwoofers to do the heavy lifting in the low range (below vocal range). As a quick comparison, I had my SuperSat 60C set at 100Hz, so the SuperCenter XL was set to do a bit more work. You may recall from reading our previous review of the Triton Three towers, GoldenEar does recommend that you run the center channel in "small" mode while running the Triton towers in "large" as they integrate the ForceField powered subwoofer right into the loudspeaker. In this configuration, the bass range is directed to either side of the screen which helps maintain the presence of the bass in the center channel location in addition to getting a true powered subwoofer to reproduce the bass range as it does best. Having never run multiple subwoofers previously, I can truly attest to the benefit of this approach.

GoldenEar SuperCenter XL Center Channel Speaker Review


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