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GoldenEar SuperCenter XL Center Channel Speaker Review

GoldenEar SuperCenter XL Center Channel Speaker ReviewThe GoldenEar SuperCenter XL Center Channel speaker is designed to perfectly compliment the Triton Series towers, featuring a High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter along with two mid/bass drivers and two quadratic planar low-frequency radiators.


MartinLogan Stage X Electrostatic Hybrid Center Channel Speaker

Stage XMartinLogan is most famous for their electrostatic speakers (ESLs). I remember many years ago hearing their full-range model and was astonished at the transparency. Since that time, they have produced ESLs of varying sizes, and in "hybrid" form, meaning that a cone woofer takes care of the low frequencies, which smaller ELS panels cannot reproduce. When home theater became a prominent market, they released the Stage, which used a dome tweeter, ESL panel for the midrange, and cone woofers. The newest iteration of the Stage line is the Stage X, which has a thin film tweeter (called "Folded Motion" by MartinLogan). This type of tweeter is part of the flat panel family of speakers, which includes ESLs, Ribbons, and Planar Magnetic speakers. So, with the Stage X, the high frequencies and midrange are now handled by flat panel technology.


Von Schweikert VisiUN Center Channel Speaker


******** BENCH TEST RESULTS HAVE BEEN ADDED 3/17/08 ******** Von Schweikert's new VisiUN center channel speaker is nirvana, with its detailed, powerful sound that does not diminish for off-axis listeners. Expensive? Yes, and worth every penny. For those of you who want the ultra-cool, it's got the same paint finish as the USA Stealth Bomber. Read this exclusive review to find out why.


ZVOX Zbase 555 Speaker System to Place Under Your Flat Panel HDTV Pedestal

ZVOX Zbase 555 Speaker System to Place Under Your Flat Panel HDTV Pedestal So here is the problem. Actually, there are two problems. Problem one: the new HDTV flat panels are getting thinner and thinner. The speakers inside those panels are also getting thinner and thinner. The sound from those speakers…well...

ZVox comes to the rescue with a powered speaker system that sits underneath the pedestal of your flat panel HDTV. Called the Zbase 555, it retails for only $399.