CD Players

Emotiva ERC-2 CD Player


Setup of the Emotiva ERC-2 CD Player

Setup is the same as most any CD player except for the addition of balanced outputs. I did most of my listening with the balanced outs connected to the lone balanced input available on my Simaudio P5.3 SE Preamp. This was done with some 1m Analysis Plus Copper Oval balanced interconnects. Single ended connections where with some old Audioquest Sidewinders. When I used the ERC-2 as a transport I connected it to my Naim Dac using the highly recommended Ixos Ixotica DX1 Optical Toslink interconnect (seems this product is no longer on Ixos' web page – uh oh). I used only the stock power cord with the ERC-2. For break-in I put in a disk and let the ERC-2 run for about a day continuously before I listened. If there was any change in the sound due to further break-in I didn't hear it.