CD Players

Emotiva ERC-2 CD Player


Design of the Emotiva ERC-2 CD Player

I suspected 'engineering restlessness' because you can detect the engineering enthusiasm when Lonnie Vaughn (Emotiva General Manager) describes the changes from the ERC-1:

A new high performance Toshiba slot loaded CD mechanism offers superior performance and even softer disc handling. Individually regulated and shielded power supplies feed the CD carriage mechanism. VFD display, microprocessor, and digital and analog sections. This design ensures a dead quiet ground floor noise, extremely low distortion, and complete freedom from interaction between circuit elements. We've kept the amazingly musical and accurate Analog Devices AD1955 DAC, with its 384k oversampling filter, high jitter immunity and outstanding overall performance. A newly refined IV conversion stage enhances conversion accuracy. Upgraded components have been incorporated in many areas in the quest for musical perfection. The ECR-2 uses a dual differential line amplifier stage for uncompromising dynamics, linearity, and high output current capability on its balanced XLR outputs . We've even incorporated completely separate discrete line stages for the single ended RCA outputs for absolute fidelity in every system type.

In addition: ½" shorter than ERC1. Frequency response now listed as 0-20kHz +/- 0.1db, was 20-20kHz.

"The quest for musical perfection" – that is what we're here for. With a good remote. The ERC-2's is identical to the 1 save the logo, it is indeed a good remote, solid and easy to use. I did find that it needed to be pointed more or less at the front of the player more so than other remotes in my collection but nothing to fret about unless you have an unconventional setup. I am in the process of setting up a Studiotech rack system for my components. I would like to have had this done in time for the review to see how the remote fared through the wire mesh front door but it's very likely that it's fine.

One thing Lonnie didn't mention was the addition of AES/EBU digital output via XLR, call me conspiratorial (I am), but this may be the real reason for the introduction of the '2' – to add this output type for connection to the Emotiva XDA-1 DAC.