CD Players

Emotiva ERC-1 CD player



All the time I had the ERC-1 I kept thinking of that intergalactic invading army, seeking revenge on planet Earth in 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy', "Due to a terrible miscalculation of scale the entire battle fleet was swallowed by a small dog." Either Emotiva has miscalculated how much they could charge for a CD player this good or all the other hifi manufactures have miscalculated how much they should charge. Don't get me started…too late... the remote control for my preamp costs the same as this CD Player (which has an excellent remote of its own!). I could go on but you know all too well how much this stuff costs.

Emotiva keeps costs down by manufacturing in China and having internet only sales. I'm a little torn by this as I know people that are employed in this country in the manufacture of audio equipment. Some of them are decent people. And not particularly overpaid. Same with audio retail, and your local HiFi shop performs a service - but on the other hand not every town has one. And I have to think that Emotiva keeps costs down in part because they keep costs down, that is, they aim for a low price and work to achieve it. Obviously that is not the norm in high end audio gear.

The sound from the ERC-1 compares very well with high end CD players, even those that cost an order of magnitude more, it has a plethora of outputs including balanced, a fabulous remote, it looks great on the shelf, clearly designed by some people who care about what they are doing... highly recommended.