Bookshelf Speakers

Zikmu Wireless Speakers


On the Bench

I drove the Zikmus through their analog inputs for the following tests.

This is the Zikmus' frequency response at 1 meter on axis. You can see that the bass begins to roll off at about 75 Hz. There is usable response to about 50 Hz or so. The treble is down about 10 db by 15 kHz.

Here is the Zikmus' response spectrum at 1 meter and 30 degrees off axis. The response gets a little peaky in the upper registers but remains acceptably smooth throughout the audible bands.

Near field distortion measurements at 1 kHz and 90 db are very clean.

At 10 kHz the % distortion remains low, but with a pronounced harmonic at 20 kHz.

The 500 Hz spectrum shows more harmonics and some apparent cabinet resonances. The THD is up to 0.32% is this instance.

I actually got almost 95 db at 1 meter and 50 Hz before the total harmonic distortion increased above 2.67%

Finally, the 40 Hz spectrum is laced with harmonics, but the THD remained within acceptable levels at 90 db.