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Totem Bookshelf Mite's Speakers

The Totem Mite's can be found under the compact header on Totem's website. When they say "compact" they aren't kidding. The Mite's are a micro-monitor measuring 10.8" H x 6 "W x 8.4"D. The cabinet itself is beautiful to behold. The review speaker was finished in a cherry wood veneer that's a real eye catcher. The Mite's are a grill-less speaker. Both the tweeter and woofer are exposed. No holes in the speaker for grill attachment positively attribute to the look of the speaker. It's hard to believe that a subtle change in speaker design could have such a large impact on its looks, for me it did. With that in mind, I would keep pencil toting children away from speakers such as these, just a suggestion. Turning to the rear of the speaker I was shocked to see a pair of gold plated speaker terminals.

Totem Bookshelf Mite's Speakers