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PSB Imagine mini-Monitors


PSB Imagine mini-Monitors Subwoofer

Although I'm not really reviewing the SubSeries-1 on its own, PSB sent one along to complement the Mini's, which brings up what will probably be the Mini's harshest critic, perhaps a bit shy on low bass. But I have more to say on that issue later on.

The bass reflex SubSeries-1 offers 110 watts of continuous power all the while it also boasts 140 dynamic power and 280 watts of peak power. The affordable SubSeries-1 sports an 8" polypropylene woofer and a front port. A convenient front-mounted crossover adjustment from 50-150 Hz and volume control are very convenient. The specs give low end around 32Hz.

On the rear; phase control, crossover on/off and both line level and speaker level inputs. A standby mode can be activated as well.

It's finished with traditional flat black ash veneer.