Bookshelf Speakers

Paradigm Signature S2, Version 3 Bookshelf Speakers and Anthem Integrated 225 Amplifier



The weeks that I had the Paradigm and Anthem setup in my listening room were nothing less than a joy. I found myself wishing to be able to go back to my college-age self and make myself purchase an integrated amp and nice set of speakers, instead of trying to assemble a 5.1 system that I didn't have the proper room or budget for. While many people would scoff when you might say that close to $4,000 for a set of speakers and an integrated amp is a bargain, when a setup like this can provide so much enjoyment and remove the desire to need to upgrade anytime soon, I really feel that it can be classified that way. Add in a high quality source like the Oppo BDP-95 or Clearaudio Concept turntable, and you have an incredibly high quality system that will bring you joy for years to come.