Crystal Cable Arabesque Stand-Mounted Monitor Speakers

Crystal Cable Arabesque Mini LoudspeakersI first found out about Crystal Cable's Arabesque speaker line from hifi show reports. Their Glass Master speaker cabinet is actually made from glass panels bonded together. At first this struck me as a gimmick, but then...


Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speakers

Def Tech AW 6500 SpeakerToday's consumers have lots of choices to fill their home with music inside and out. I, for one, have a rapidly growing digital music library and I've been on a quest to find better ways to enjoy this music while in the great outdoors ("My Backyard"). Definitive Technology's AW 6500 might just be the answer.


Crystal Acoustics TX-B1 Bookshelf Speakers

Crystal Acoustics TX-B1 Bookshelf Speakers

Crystal Acoustics is an on-line company that manufactures speakers, media players, and other accessories. Their top-of-the-line speaker is priced at $33,000/pair, which is very unusual in the on-line speaker business. Fortunately, for the majority of us, they also make very affordable speakers, some of which we have reviewed. The current review examines the TX-B1, which is a bookshelf speaker that has the woofer in the main enclosure, and a completely separate (but attached) enclosure for the tweeter. It has a very high quality sound, is well constructed, and sells for only $349/pair.


Paradigm Signature Designer Series In-Wall Speakers

Paradigm Signature In-Wall Speakers

Paradigm's line-up of in-wall/in-ceiling speakers includes both the SA Series v.3 and the top-of-the-line Signature Series v.3. When deciding to go with permanently installed speakers, one does not want to choose the wrong speakers.


KEF Q300 Bookshelf Speakers

KEF Q300 Bookshelf speakers

KEF recently introduced an all new Uni-Q driver. The Q300's are the largest bookshelf models in the "All New Q Series" speaker line. Will KEF be able to further their reputation as a high value brand with the all-new Q300's?


Phase Technology Premier Collection PC-3.5 LCR Speakers

Phase Technology Premier Collection PC-3.5 LCR SpeakersThe Phase Technology Premier Collection LCR Speaker - the PC-3.5 - is a unique product. It is designed well, and it sounds great for a speaker only 22" high. It can be placed just about anywhere, and can be used as LCR speakers in home theaters or two-channel audio systems (or both).


LG LHB336 Home Theater System (Blu-ray Player, Receiver, Speakers, and Subwoofer)

LG LHB336 Home Theater System

Last year I reviewed the LG LHB535, a full-featured Home Theater-in-a-Box Blu-ray system. I felt it performed pretty well and offered a lot of features for the price. Wait until you see what the LG LHB336 offers, for $399.


PSB Imagine mini-Monitors

PSB Imagine mini-MonitorsFor the audiophile world to take seriously a small bookshelf speaker, let alone a "mini"-monitor there has to be some significant backing and/or history. Much has been said and written about the NRC, or National Research Council located in Ottawa, Canada.


Paradigm Signature S2, Version 3 Bookshelf Speakers and Anthem Integrated 225 Amplifier


Paradigm Signature S2, Version 3 Bookshelf Speakers and Anthem Integrated 225 Amplifier for the Home Theater

The CEDIA Expo isn't really a show for audiophiles. Most of the setups are geared towards in-wall speakers, projectors, and other various forms of home automation, but there are always a few vendors there that have some nice demonstrations. This year, one of my favorite demonstrations came from Paradigm, who had a complete home theater built with their Signature S2, Version 3s as the front speakers.


Paradigm Shift A2 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Paradigm Shift A2s

The Active Atom booksehlf speaker, or A2 to be hip, is part of a new sub-brand dubbed Paradigm Shift. Back in 1997 Paradigm had a line of powered speakers derived from their then recently launched...


Axiom Audio M22 V3 Bookshelf Speakers for the Audiophile

Axiom Audio M22 V3 speakers for the audiophile

Being recognized as the audio/video guru in your circle of family, friends, and co-workers is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is highly rewarding when people ask for your advice (and even better when they actually take it). On the other hand, just about every time I give a recommendation I am inexorably demanded to "find something cheaper." ......Axiom Audio has been a haven for consumers who want excellence and value in a hi-fi system. Here, we review their M22 V3 bookshelf speakers, which are very affordable and deliver the goods in the sound department.

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