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LG LHB336 Home Theater System (Blu-ray Player, Receiver, Speakers, and Subwoofer)



The LHB336 is very similar to last year’s model (LHB535) that I reviewed. The main difference would be the new menu system and LG App store. Although I can’t see much value in their app store in its current state, the new menu system is very responsive, easy to navigate, and looks nice. Blu-ray performance was solid as was the unit’s ability to properly deinterlace and upscale DVD material. After turning down the less-than-stellar subwoofer, I found the sound to be pretty decent, given the unit’s price point. I have recently seen this system on sale for not much more than a stand-alone Blu-ray player, so if you are in need of something that sounds better than your TV and fills your room with surround sound, the LG LHB336 is worth a look.