Bookshelf Speakers

LG LHB336 Home Theater System (Blu-ray Player, Receiver, Speakers, and Subwoofer)


Design and Set up

The LHB336 is a fairly compact unit, especially considering it has a Blu-ray player and surround sound receiver built into the same box. I’d wager that it would fit in to just about any AV cabinet on the market without trouble. The front is glossy black without too many flashy LED lights to draw attention to it.

I decided to setup the LHB336 in the bedroom, where we have a 46” LCD TV and no sound system. The unit has one HDMI input so I ran the cable box into that and the HDMI output on the LG to the TV. Since our house is networked, I opted to use the Ethernet connection instead of having to input WiFi login information. Connecting the speakers was a breeze as each one is color coded to the spring-tab speaker connections on the back of the unit. The cables provided with the unit are very thin and easy to hide or run underneath carpet if needed. I found that the length of the wires for the surround speakers were more than long enough to run around 2 walls and behind our bed. The included passive subwoofer is pretty small by subwoofer standards and also very light and easy to place in the corner of the room.

After the initial boot up, I went ahead and checked for any firmware updates, of which there was one. It took awhile, probably 10 minutes, but this step isn’t done very often. After the update was complete, I thumbed through the various setup options. The usual settings for output resolution and TV aspect ratio are present, but also included is an HDMI color space option for YCbCr and RGB. There was also an audio section for tweaking the speaker levels and distances to optimize performance.