Bookshelf Speakers

KEF XQ10 Bookshelf Speakers



I really liked the XQ10s. With their ability to cast a wide and accurate soundstage, the XQ10s are a stunning looking and sounding speaker. Their small size offers a lot of placement options, and the construction quality of the XQ10s is outstanding. My time spent with these speakers really got me back into enjoying my CD collection. I found myself dusting off some discs that I had not played in years and (to use a cliché) it was like hearing them again for the first time. Well, at least in a wider, 3D soundstage sense. With a little boost in the bass, these speakers provide rich, open sound. Any speaker that can reignite my interest in hearing stereo over multi-channel is high praise in my book! In this price range, there are many other speakers out there vying for your attention, but if I were you, I would put the XQ10s on your short list. Small size, big sound…and looking good doing it!