Bookshelf Speakers

KEF Q300 Bookshelf Speakers



I set up the KEF Q300's on a pair of super heavy duty 26" speaker stands; 9' apart and 12' from the main listening position. They were toed in about 30 degrees from straight ahead. I found this arrangement provided the best balance between center fill and the width of the sound stage.

For most of my listening, I drove the Q300's with the front two channels of an Anthem MRX 500 receiver. I listened to the Q300's full range most of the time, but I also used one of two subs from time to time; either a Klipsch SW 311 or a HSU Research VTF-3 Mk3. The crossover was set to 60 Hz in these instances. This is the lowest crossover frequency from the Anthem receiver. I think it would be worthwhile to try a crossover setting of 40 Hz between the KEF Q300's and your sub if your receiver has a 40 Hz setting.

The back panel features a bi-wirable input cup. KEF even came up with an innovative feature for the inputs - knobs that you turn one way or the other to open or close the shorting straps. This is a nice touch (and a good idea). But I worried that if you were to bi-amp the speakers, then the knobs might drift shut, shorting the amps. Yikes! In actual practice, this is implausible because it takes several turns to seat the knobs in either direction.

The KEF Q300's have a mounting bracket attached to the back panel. It looks awkward the way it sticks out. This is to allow use of he-man speaker cables with banana plugs when the speakers are mounted to the wall.