Bookshelf Speakers

Harman Kardon and Definitive Technology



This complete system is very accomplished in many areas. The Harman/Kardon electronics have an ease and panache in their styling and performance that makes them hard to resist. The BDP 1 Blu-Ray player has excellent video quality; it loads fast and has a great remote. The AVR 3600 receiver is up to date with HDMI 1.4 upgradeability, powerful output stages, slick menus and excellent video processing. The AVR 3600 has a major value-added bonus as it comes with a fully functional iPod docking station at no extra charge.

The real star of the show, however, is the speaker system. The Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 800 system is a complete 5.1 system that retails for just $1,199. Don't let the price tag fool you into thinking that these are cheapo speakers. These speakers will delight you with what may be the best bang for your buck deal in the Home Theater marketplace. Despite their small size; the satellites produce tangible mid bass, transparent mid range and sparkling highs. The included compact sub boasts a beefy little amp and high excursion driver. This little sub filled out the lower octaves much better that I expected it would based on its size and price. I did prefer their performance on films a little more than with music, but I honestly can't think of a speaker system that offers better performance at this price point . . . highly recommended.


  • Superior Price/Performance Ratio Speaker System
  • Powerful Amplification System
  • Included iPod Docking Station
  • HDMI 1.4 Compatibility
  • Excellent Video Quality and Processing


  • Docking Station has Pedestrian Audio Performance
  • Somewhat Cumbersome Control Interface
  • Player is not "Universal"

Harman Kardon

Definitive Technology