Bookshelf Speakers

GoldenEar Technology Aon2 Bookshelf Speakers


The GoldenEar Technology Aon2 Bookshelf Speakers On The Bench

All measurements were taken from 1m away on 30" tall stands in the center of the room.

Putting out 100dB on a 1 kHz test tone, the Aon2 manages to do so with only 0.79% THD+N. Most of us won't listen to music at this level for long, but if you do, the Aon2 manages it quite easily it seems.

With a 10 kHz test tone that THD+N drops down to 0.53% at the same power level. The folded ribbon tweeter does well here, as many other conventional tweeters can't manage distortion levels this low.

Moving down to the bass notes, the Aon2 puts out a lot of sound for a small bookshelf, but doing 100dB at 50Hz that THD+N rises up to 4.71%. That's not bad given the size of the speaker, but if you want to push it to these kind of levels for the bass, adding a subwoofer would provide some better response.

The Frequency Response for the Aon2 shows that it is pretty good down until around 38-40 Hz, where there is a steep drop-off. There is also a gentle roll-off near 20 kHz. There seems to be a bit of a rise in the bass area of the Aon2, but since I had to do these measurements in-room (Oregon is not conducive to outdoor measurements during the winter and spring), it could also be a room interaction.

Overall on the bench, the tweeter on the Aon2 measures very well, and the bass response is quite good for a tiny, $800 a pair bookshelf speaker.