Bookshelf Speakers

Dynaudio X16 Bookshelf Speakers



The Dynaudio X16s really grew on me during the time I had them in my home. Their overall accuracy and revealing nature in the midrange and treble proved to be a blessing with well-recorded source material as well as a bit of a curse when playing back lesser quality sources. Fortunately, the X16s had just a touch of musical sweetness that kept all but the most poorly recorded tracks from sounding too harsh. Bass response, imaging, and sound staging were excellent as well.

The biggest compliment that I can give the X16s is that they give you a window into the decisions that were made in the mixing booth, both good and bad. The X16s are also revealing enough to expose any poor sounding equipment in your signal chain. As to Dynaudio's goal of making the Excite line compatible with lesser amplifiers such as the typical A/V receiver, I think that they have succeeded. With the X16's rather low 87dB efficiency rating, just make sure that your receiver's amplifier section is capable of providing solid power (I'd say 150+ watts) into 4Ohm loads and you should be fine at any sane listening level. If $1600 is within your budget for a pair of bookshelf speakers, I highly recommend that you give the Dynaudio X16s a thorough listen. You may even like them better than competing tower speakers in this price range!