Bookshelf Speakers

Dynaudio X16 Bookshelf Speakers



I hooked up the Excites in my basement media room, which is the larger of my two listening rooms at 16 x 22 feet. The X16s were set-up on top of a pair of Dynaudio's own 26" tall Stand4 speaker stands (MSRP $450, available in black or silver finish and pictured above). If you are looking for an extremely well constructed, heavy, and acoustically inert stand, the Stand4s certainly fit the bill. The two stand tubes can be filled with sand or lead shot if you so choose, but considering the overall heft of the Stand4s I decided to go lead-free. The 26" height of the Stand4s brought the tweeters right to my ear level while seated, which is ideal.

Dynaudio provides excellent set-up/positioning instructions with the X16s, which my testing revealed to be right on the mark. I started off with the X16s about 6 feet apart from each other, 2.5 feet from the back wall, and 4 feet from the side walls. My primary listening seat was then approximately 9.5 feet from each speaker. I started off with both speakers facing straight ahead, but as Dynaudio recommends, the Excites sound better with some toe-in. I eventually settled on about 10 degrees of toe-in, which seemed to strike the best balance between pinpoint imaging and an expansive soundstage. This also moved the focal point for the two speakers slightly behind my head.

The X16s are fairly responsive to positioning changes, so take some time experimenting with placement/toe-in options as each room will be different. Due to the rear-firing port on the X16s you really need to keep at least 1.5 feet from the back wall, otherwise the bass/mid-bass gets a bit bloated. If you must back the speakers up close to a wall, Dynaudio supplies a pair of foam plugs that you can use in the rear ports to tighten the bass back up, but at the cost of bass extension and decreased SPL levels.