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Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speakers


The Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speakers On The Bench

I placed a single AW 6500 on a heavy cast metal stand, using Blu Tac to hold the speaker in place and decouple the cabinet from the stand's top plate. The tests were run indoors in my large listening room. The frequency response tests were performed at 1-meter while the distortion measurements were taken on-axis in the near field.

The on-axis response of the Definitive Technology AW 6500 shows a surprisingly flat response between 80 Hz to 20 kHz. Contrary to popular belief, not all outdoor speakers are voiced for extra bass. This plot was run without the benefit of nearby boundary reinforcement as would be expected in a typical installation.

At 30 degrees off-axis, the AW 6500 was a bit choppier than the on-axis test. Much of the unevenness was in the bass and was likely affected by the room. This is nonetheless a very good test result.

The THD at 1 kHz and 95 db was 0.15%. That is really low distortion for a $249 outdoor speaker.

At 250 Hz and 95 db, the THD measurement was only 0.17%.

At 10 kHz and 90 db, the distortion was a very respectable 0.12%.

The AW 6500 had just 1.19% THD at 95 db and 80 Hz.