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Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speakers


The Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speakers In Use

Let's start by discussing my initial impression of the AW 6500's. One might say that I had a positive first impression of the AW 6500's. What evidence is there that might support my claim, you ask? Well, just the small matter that I sold my previous pair of outdoor speakers within the first week of installing the Definitive Technology AW 6500's. Yep, I sold them old speakers right quick. That's not to say that the AW 6500's didn't improve with some break in and those improvements were pretty obvious in several key facets of their performance. But this wouldn't have affected my decision any as the unbroken-in AW 6500's basically blew away my old speakers.

It gets very hot down here in South Texas, but we still use our patio most every weekend. Whether for an all-day homebrew session or for an evening barbeque, we spend a bunch of time outdoors. So I've enjoyed several months of excellent audio action from the AW 6500's.

As mentioned earlier, the bass was a bit too much under the roof of my patio so I turned down the bass on my pre amp. This worked out well in so far as the bass contour on the preamp tamed the bass peak without muddying the rest of the low range. The bass was now balanced and much more expressive with this minor tweak.

I found that these Definitive Technology speakers really shone on a variety of material, including jazz, blues, pop and rock. Of course, I tried a little classical, but it just doesn't feel right in a rugged outdoor setting. So I stuck with more typical genres for an outdoor party.

Methinks the AW 6500's are pretty sensitive and I quickly found out that with 100 wpc backing the system, I was able to play the system loud enough that I could be cited for violating our local noise ordinance. But I usually keep the volume below that level for the purposes of promoting social intercourse. It is still very nice being able to crank it up a bit when nobody else is around.

A prime example of music to kick off a brewing session would be the Buddy Guy album, "Living Proof". Man, this guy can still shred that guitar! This album played back over the AW 6500's was perfectly gritty while preserving each nuance of Guy's playing. The speakers kept pace with the rhythm of the tunes and the treble was really, really clean. I couldn't resist performing my own nonstop air guitar action during this album: consequently, the wort scorched on the bottom of my brew kettle that day.

Next, I might really pump it up with the pop-reggae infused musical styling's David Lindley's 1981 album, "El Rayo-X". This inaugural album from Lindley was produced by Jackson Brown. This album is so excellent through and through - I could listen to it ten times in a row. The bass lines were extremely catchy through the AW 6500's while the vocals shone through with an uncanny neutrality.

Perhaps now might be a good time to throw on a little funky jazz with the 2002 effort by Monty Alexander on the Telarc label, "My America"? The music on this SCAD is mostly instrumentals and Alexander's piano was as pure as can be while the few vocals on the album were natural and engaging.

Then I may wind down while enjoying Nils Lofgren "Live", sitting awash in his virtuoso style of guitar playing while enjoying a good beverage and good company. A perfect ending to a perfect day.