Bookshelf Speakers

Crystal Acoustics TX-B1 Bookshelf Speakers


The Design

In the current economy, we are all being careful about what we buy, and what we have to pay for it. Our audio systems, including home theater, are not excluded from this. Fortunately, there are many companies that sell home theater products in on-line stores, reducing the price by eliminating the brick and mortar retailer. When this first started happening, perhaps a decade ago, with an influx of speakers manufactured overseas, the quality was a gamble. You didn't really know what you would end up with since you could not audition the speakers before purchasing them. Of course, there was always, and still is, a money back guarantee, but it's a hassle to pack them up and return them, not to mention then having to choose something else.

That has changed now, because the products coming from Asian manufacturers are much better quality than they used to be. The serendipity is that the quality has gone up, but the price has not, at least not as much as the quality. So, there are plenty of good, inexpensive speakers to choose from, and Crystal Acoustics is one of them.

The TX-B1 is one of Crystal's bookshelf speaker line. It has a 1" silk dome tweeter mounted in its own enclosure, attached (but rotatable) to the top of the main enclosure, which houses a 7" woofer. The main enclosure is slightly bow-shaped, which not only helps to reduce standing waves inside the enclosure, but adds elegance to their appearance.

It is nominally rated at 8 ohms, with a frequency response down to 45 Hz. The tweeter can rotate on its axis, so if you need to, you can place the speaker on a shelf that is not directed at your listening position, and turn the tweeter so that it faces you.

With a sensitivity of 89 dB, the TX-B1 is suited for mass market receivers, either as mains and surrounds, or as surrounds, with one of Crystal's floor-standing models serving as the mains.