Bookshelf Speakers

Bryston Mini-T Monitor Speakers


Conclusions about the Bryston Mini-T Monitor Speakers

The Bryston Mini T Bookshelf speakers provided deep bass, full clean and not over-bearing, and well defined midbass which is not easy in my room. Midrange slightly recessed overall compared to some box speakers, which is a compliment. With clean treble that was never fatiguing. Most surprising was the speakers' ambivalence toward the source material, unlike some higher-end speakers I have reviewed.

I found it hard to find fault with the sound of these speakers. However at their price point I feel they don't look the part. That is purely superficial, and I know it. However the $2500 speaker market is full of great sounding, and great looking speakers. For that price I was surprised not to find real wood veneer (available for an upcharge with all the Bryston speakers for only $500). Make no mistake, while that is purely aesthetic it is part of the overall package. If you can look past the sonic-insignificance of fine finishing and audio jewellery and give these speakers a listen you will be very pleased. This is the first round of speakers for Bryston and given the excellent sound quality I would be surprised to hear it was their last.