Bookshelf Speakers

Bryston Mini-T Monitor Speakers


Design and Setup of the Bryston Mini-T Monitor Speakers

Building a reference speaker line is no easy task and rather than re-invent the wheel they chose to enlist the team at Axiom Audio to help design and construct them. For good reason, Axiom has been designing, testing and building speakers for a very long time and they do it well. Bryston did not merely give Axiom a set of goals and a pile of cash, they worked extensively with Axiom to create this speaker line. After countless hours of anechoic testing, computer modeling and of course actually listening, Bryston has produced a solid first round of speakers.

All the speakers in the line up are built with heavily braced MDF cabinets with non-parallel walls, 1.5" baffles and are covered in vinyl wrapped veneers (hardwood available at extra cost). The Mini T is a rear-ported 3-way design using a custom 1" titanium-dome tweeter, ceramic-coated composite aluminum 5.25" midrange and 8" woofer which both feature cast-aluminum baskets. All drivers are carefully matched and chosen to achieve high SPL without distortion. These bookshelf speakers are anything but mini and weigh in at over 40 pounds each. They have a rated response of 33 Hz – 20 kHz, a sensitivity of 86dB and a nominal impendence of 4 ohms. The binding posts are machined from solid brass which is then gold plated, including the nuts and washers.

I moved the Minis (no easy feat!) into the position normally occupied by my MartinLogan Vista Electrostatic speakers, using sand-filled metal stands. Power came from a Marantz PM8003 integrated amp and an Oppo BDP-105 was used for SACD playback and as a USB DAC for my HTPC.

The speaker location put the speakers 2' from the wall, 7' apart and the closest side wall was over 6' away. The listening position was 8' from the speakers. This room is large and open on 3 of the 4 sides, which creates a challenge with mid to low bass.