Bookshelf Speakers

Axiom M3 v3 Bookshelf Speakers



I am beginning to hope my next review is an obscure and really wacky sounding set of speakers with a lot of "character" as this extended exposure to Canadian manufacturers is beginning to make me doubt my aural sanity. Clean, neutral, low coloration, great dynamics, and in the case of the M3 a truly "natural" and realistic midrange that's the next best thing to being there. At $350 for the pair you are getting some serious value for your bookshelf. With a sub these speakers will even work well as primary speakers for HT use - they have the legs to handle it. You are also getting a product backed up by a process of measurement and continuous evolution as well as a level of dedication to perfecting a that works in the lab and translates to the real world.

So if you are looking for a set of speakers to tame a bright amp or brighten a overly warm one you'll need to get used to the characteristics you bought into with your amp purchase or look elsewhere. These speakers are not going to noticeably compensate for the incidental inline EQ you've added to your system.

All in all it's really too bad that Chris has sent his Axiom full tower 5.1 system back already, I would have loved to have heard a full system and would have volunteered to take a listen "on their way home" as it were. I could have then arranged to drop them off back at Axiom myself. Say, maybe around late summer when the weather is a little nicer and the lakes around Axiom's cottage country head office are a little warmer.