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ARE Audio Light Roast Speakers



The Light Roasts in standard configuration are rectangular ported ¾" MDF box with radius edges. My review sample features upgraded front and rear baffles, which are Hardwood rather than MDF and finished in clear satin. The sides, top and bottom, are ¾" MDF finished in a textured black automotive paint. This was chosen because it resists damage and creates an anisotropic surface (improves hardness). The 3" port exits from the top of the speaker, seems strange, yet has sound principals. The port is almost 9.5 inches long and if ported to the rear would need an elbow (not the end of the world mind you). Rear porting also decreases the available mounting locations as you cannot place the speaker too close to the back wall. Another bonus is that it deters your wife from using the speaker as a plant stand.

Are Audio Light Roast Speakers

The drivers used are a 5 1/2 inch midrange from Silver Flute and a Peerless tweeter. The midrange is a wool cone with decent low frequency extension. This is put to good use as this speaker is tuned to 60Hz, which suits this driver well. The crossover is a simple point-point first order using Solen inductors and Benic Polyester capacitors.