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Blaupunkt Velocity 2 Go Powered Speakers for Portable Players


The Sound


I used the Velocity 2 Go to provide musical entertainment for a backyard evening party celebrating graduation of some soon to be Air Traffic Controllers. Remarks from my attendees were very good - some commented on the sharp appearance of the unit and the blue ambient glow coming from the logo that accentuated the lighting of the backyard. Most often heard, "Hey, that stereo puts out some pretty good tunes." In general, the V2Go provided enough volume to give the party the right kind of ambiance it needed. Music was rich, with a bright and forward midrange and treble, and the bass was loud enough to give the music a nice strong pulse.


In the Car

I already have a 10" subwoofer and 600 watt amplifier installed in my truck, so I had a very good reference point for comparison. What I found was although the Velocity 2 Go wasn't going to match the output of a dedicated subwoofer and high power amp installation, it was fantastic at supplementing and enriching the bass response of the already installed stereo system. I imagine that there are many people who want additional bass for their car without going into noisy boom-box territory so often heard on streets today, and the Velocity 2 Go is perfect for that.


There is a frequency and phase adjustment on the back panel of the Velocity 2 Go so that one can adjust the bass response to either higher in frequency, making the sound more percussive, or lower in frequency making the sound more bellowing. The bass output was loud enough so that it could be just heard outside the vehicle. When I listened to music, I liked that the bass response was clean and able to keep up with fast moving bass lines like those of funk band Jamiroquai, and it also had a very tight and strong delivery when playing the Michael Jackson classic, "Billie Jean."

The sound is articulate and even, and sounds like that of a very well tuned ported subwoofer system, not quite as sharp an attack as a sealed subwoofer system but fairly close. The Velocity 2 Go's in-car performance is very good and especially suited for somebody that wants moderate amounts of bass.

At Home

The performance of the Velocity 2 Go was also solid indoors, providing clean sound and ample bass response. Its biggest strength was that music could be played at loud volumes, filling up the entire room with sound. The bass response was also quite good, no surprise there, and it enhanced many styles of modern music. It certainly could get the limbs of your guests shaking and grooving. I feel the tonal quality of the V2Go is in the top tier of active stereo systems, providing balanced response and a full frequency range, but there are systems out there such as the Audioengine A2s which I recently reviewed that have a little bit more of a refined upper range than the V2Go. You can't top the flexibility of this unit though.


The The Velocity 2 Go is an innovative new product that's just plain fun. It combines three elements of music listening into one compact, highly fashionable unit. It strikes a good balance between sound quality and functionality that you just can't find in other portable players. If one is in the market for a portable stereo system for a MP3 music player that can be used either indoors or outdoors, and that also has the added bonus of the ability to beef up the bass response in a car stereo, then the Velocity 2 Go is a winner in all of these categories and its solid performance makes it a very desirable product.