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Blaupunkt Velocity 2 Go Powered Speakers for Portable Players


Setup and Installation

I especially liked that the system is relatively light, and the setup for home or outdoor use takes only minutes. Just plug in the audio source and plug in the power source, or use batteries, and you are ready to go. I also thought the handle was especially helpful in carrying the unit indoors from my truck or out to the backyard. I would like to see a grille on the unit that protects the woofers, so bumping into things as the unit is moved around from place to place doesn't get costly. I'm pretty careful though, so that's not a huge deal for me.

The V2Go has two types of connections available for portable players: a 1/8" mini-stereo jack on the top of the unit and a set of RCA jacks on the back. There is one dial that is inset into the back panel that adjusts the gain of the full range mode and then three dials that adjust the gain, frequency, and phase of the subwoofer mode. Because these dials don't stick out from the paneling, adjusting them is a just a little bit tedious. I had to press my fingers into them and turn them repeated times to get the setting I wanted. On the bright side, it's designed this way so that the gain of the device is set up once to match the level of the signal source and then any volume adjustments can be controlled directly from the portable player. This also might prevent a bystander who is itching to crank the volume knob from potentially causing some distortion on the unit.


There is a power switch on the top which can be set to On, Off, or Automatic. The auto setting will keep the unit powered on so long as there is an audio signal being sent to it, thereby conserving electricity when nothing is being played. I tried running the system using rechargeable batteries and it lasted a couple of hours at medium volume.

The Velocity 2 Go can be set up in a car with the included wiring harness, but it's a lot better to purchase the optional QuickOut dock for $99 and attach it to the vehicle. This mount holds the device steady, and it allows the V2Go to be installed or removed with one easy motion. Also, if you have the audio mode set to Auto, using this dock will automatically change the system to Subwoofer mode when it's connected.

Fortunately for me, my Toyota Tacoma already had power wires and RCA wires running from the dashboard to the rear compartment of the vehicle for a 10" subwoofer and power amplifier I previously installed. This made installation of the Velocity 2 Go easy for me, and it was only a matter of choosing a good location for it. If your vehicle doesn't have anything like that installed, then there is a bit of work to do, as there needs to be both a power and a signal source routed to the location you decide to put the unit. I'd say that If one is uncomfortable getting in the dashboard and working with the wires of a car stereo, hire a professional installer to run the harness wires.


The harness has connections for power and ground, and one has the choice to use either RCA line level input wires or four high-level speaker wires for connecting the sound. You only need to connect one or the other, and connecting the harness to separate RCA subwoofer outputs would be preferred here because it gives receivers that have subwoofer features more control over the equalization and crossover settings of the subwoofer output.

I found a location in my truck to install the QuickOut bracket, and this part was attached very easily. I simply fixed it in place with four threaded screws and then attached the wiring harness panel to the base using some Allen screws. Placing the Velocity 2 Go in the trunk of a car will also yield good results because the unit is also designed for this use.

The Velocity 2 Go has metal feet on its base that slide and lock into slotted grooves in the QuickOut base plate. Once everything is installed, it's very easy to install and remove the unit from the vehicle. The ability of this device to go from portable stereo system to car subwoofer in a matter of seconds definitely puts its flexibility level miles ahead of other portable stereo systems on the market.