Bookshelf Speakers

Sunfire Cinema Ribbon CRM-2 Bookshelf Speakers



The Sunfire Cinema Ribbons exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only did they live up to the considerable hype of being compared to the legendary Carver Amazing Platinum IVs in the two channel test, but also proved to be key components in the 7.1 system, allowing it to effortlessly vanish so the movie viewer receives a more immersive experience. Also, the fit and finish of the product is impeccable. Each speaker unit has seven coats of lacquer, and the SubRosa has eleven coats of lacquer. Each speaker is double boxed inside a cloth bag, and even comes with a pair of white gloves for handling! Best of all, the Sunfire Cinema Ribbons small size gives them a high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).

Bob Carver and the Sunfire Team may not have refuted the laws of physics, but they certainly used them to their best advantage. If you are looking at speakers in this price range, the decision is an easy one. The Sunfire Cinema Ribbons and SubRosa Subwoofer should be first on your comparison list.