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Sunfire Cinema Ribbon CRM-2 Bookshelf Speakers


The Design of Sunfire Cinema Ribbons and SubRosa Subwoofer

The Sunfire Cinema Ribbons are a 2-way design with a folded 60" ribbon of which only about 5" is visible through the front of the cabinet. The ribbon handles the frequencies above 1.5 kHz. The two side-firing 4.5" woofers in the unit handle the frequencies down to 95 Hz. Therefore, it is imperative that the Cinema Ribbons be used with an electronic crossover as found in an A/V receiver, preamp, or with the crossover built into most subwoofers. This is necessary to keep the very low frequencies out of the Cinema Ribbons operating range.

The Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Center Channel CRM-2C uses the same drivers as the CRM-2. However, instead of firing to the sides, the center channel woofers flank the ribbon and fire forward (photo shown below). Since the center channel ribbon is now firing from a horizontal position, the Sunfire Designers created an acoustic lens in the grille to improve the dispersion of the ribbon. For best results the Sunfire CRM-2C Center Channel should be used with the grille in place.

Sunfire Cinema Ribbon CRM-2 Bookshelf Surround Speakers 3

The Sunfire bipole CRM-2BIPs (photo below) use two ribbon assemblies to fire sound in opposite directions from where the speaker is mounted. These speakers can be used as the side channels in a 5.1 system, the rear and/or side channels in a 7.1 system, or a single unit could be used as the 6.1 summed channel in a 6.1 system.

Sunfire Cinema Ribbon CRM-2 Bookshelf Surround Speakers 4

The Sunfire SubRosa Subwoofer (photo below) is a thin 3.75" package that can be mounted on the wall in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. There is also an in-wall version to match the in-wall versions of the Cinema Ribbons.

The SubRosa uses two 10" High Back EMF drivers powered by the standalone 2,700 watt SubRosa Power Amp and Equalizer with calibrated microphone. The design incorporates a patent-pending internal I-BEAM anti-shake device which Sunfire refers to as their StillBass technology. The SubRosa power amplifier provides for continuously variable phase, crossover, and level controls. The inputs are either XLR or RCA and the unit has a detachable power cord (second and third photos below).

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