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Yamaha A-1020 Universal Blu-ray Player


Conclusions about the Yamaha A-1020 Universal Blu-ray Player

In a crowded space for Blu-ray players, the Yamaha BD-A1020 is unfortunately a disappointment. With a slow interface, only fair bench test performance, and troublesome quirks, it's not a player I can recommend to you. For $50 more than its list price you can buy an Oppo BDP-103 that has superior performance all around, or you can spend $250 less and get a Sony BDP-S790 that is better in all areas except for DVD-Audio support.

The RGB bug is a big deal as this bug wasn't present last year, and it affects both RGB modes. There is also a chroma alignment issue, where YCbCr are displayed incorrectly as the chroma and luma signals are misaligned by a half-pixel, causing an incorrect image on screen. It also has the slowest load times of any player I've used in over 18 months, far behind what Oppo and Sony can do now. While the audio output is good, it has a habit of turning itself off when used only for audio without an HDMI device connected, making it a poor choice for an audio setup.

Hopefully Yamaha can take the lessons learned from this and either update the firmware to fix many of these issues, or at least have an updated player for next year that once again competes well with the other universal Blu-ray players out there.