Blu-ray Players

Toshiba BDX6400 Blu-ray Player


Conclusions about the Toshiba BDX6400 Blu-ray Player

Toshiba does a good job by surprising me with the exterior design of the BDX6400 Blu-ray player, but fell short when it came to the internals. The video processing capability of the player lags behind its rivals, falling short on the Blu-ray benchmark by a significant degree.

The larger problems to me are the occasional lock-ups, the unfinished UI, and the overall slow user experience. Even with the small size of the BDX6400 it needs a faster processor to provide a better experience. It also needs at least another firmware revision to take care of these lock-ups and pauses, as well as the unfinished onscreen interface.

What the Toshiba BDX6400 is offering is a compact player with 4K scaling but not one that is really price competitive today. Since most people with a 4K set are not space limited for their Blu-ray player, alternatives like the Sony BDP-S790 or the Oppo BDP-103 make more sense. I wish the BDX6400 performed better as I am happy to see someone producing something different, but it doesn't perform well enough to justify the price.