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Toshiba BDX5200 3D Blu-ray Player


Toshiba BDX5200 3D Blu-ray player On The Bench

Overall the Toshiba BDX-5200 did well on the Blu-ray benchmark. The main flaw is the lack of any colorspace selection in the menus, which doesn’t let the user know what format is being output. Our testing shows that it is 4:4:4 but without equipment that might be hard for a consumer to determine. Otherwise the Toshiba had some issues with mixed video and film content, and there was no reduction in mosquito or block noise in the test images.

The layer change time was very fast and almost unnoticeable, but the overall sluggishness of the UI was incredibly frustrating. Menus look nice, but the lag between a button press and something happening on screen was a major aggravation, and the speed of online streaming content, such as Vudu, was very slow with it taking multiple seconds to finish putting the elements of a screen image up when navigating. Toshiba does a good job of video processing, but they need to find a faster processor for their UI elements, or simplify the UI to make it more responsive.

As mentioned before, we only have YCbCr 4:4:4 output available from the Toshiba, but thankfully it does this flawlessly.

The Toshiba’s sluggishness in the UI carries over a bit into the load time tests. Basic titles like The Fifth Element take almost 50% longer to load than on recent players from Sony and Panasonic, and while closer on complex titles like Toy Story 3, it still lags behind.

Overall the BDX-5200 does well with video processing, but lacks complete colorspace support, and is a bit slow in use.