Blu-ray Players

Toshiba BDX-2700 Blu-ray Player



The Toshiba BDX-2700 did remarkably well on the bench, other than a couple of video tests where it had issues locking onto patterns moving vertically instead of horizontally. It also offers wireless connectivity, 7.1 analog audio outputs, and good streaming content from Netflix and Vudu. However, it also is slower than other players out there on the market now, missing some other streaming options that many players now have, and has quite a few bugs that I have no idea when, or if, they will be resolved. When I first received the unit, I considered purchasing it for my Dad as he was in need of a player, doesn’t have HDMI on his receiver, and uses Netflix for streaming so it seemed like a good combination. However, after the issues that I encountered, I didn’t want to deal with having to support this when something might go wrong.

With its features and image quality, I think Toshiba is on the right path with their Blu-ray lineup. However, I think the model I tested has some bugs that need to be fixed for it to be an enjoyable user experience Nothing stopped me from being able to fully use and test it, but it caused some headaches for me during that time. If Toshiba can resolve these issues, then this is a player I can recommend for people that need the combination of features that it offers, but if they can’t then I fear it might wind up being a frustrating experience for the user.