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Sony BDP-S590 Blu-ray Player


Sony BDP-S590 Blu-ray Player On The Bench

Update 7/30/2012: Sony has resolved the RGB bug in the BDP-S590 and it is now bit-perfect as well.  I will create an updated chart to reflect this in the near future.  I only tested Standard mode, however, as that was all that mattered for a bit-perfect image since the other modes clearly introduce issues.

After the HDMI Benchmark test of last year, I was anxious to get the BDP-S590 on the bench again to see how it scored.  The player supports YCbCr 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 modes, as well as RGB.  There are also 3 picture modes available: Standard, Theater Room, and Brighter Room.  The default was Standard, and that is what we are most concerned with, though in the chart below you will see that we scored all three.


The main take-away from this is that if you use Standard mode you are fine.  The Sony is bit-perfect on that data and will deliver as good a picture as any other bit-perfect player on progressive Blu-ray content.  Sony has resolved the issue that plagued earlier firmware revisions of the player and RGB and YCbCr content are now both perfect in the Standard output mode.

As an example of what the oter picture modes can do, here is YCbCr data for the Theater Room picture mode.  With Standard mode, these bands are identical on top and bottom, but with Theater Room we can see it is attempting to adjust the output gamma by lowering the Luminance (Y Channel) on top.  This will lead to a darker image with less dynamic range than Standard and should be avoided.


On our standard benchmark test, the Sony was an excellent performer.  Everything we threw at it was handled well with only a couple of exceptions.  The noise reduction settings made very little effect, if anything, on noisy test scenes and still get a fail.  Additionally it did well on the rotating needle test, but it did not do well on the ship scene on Spears and Munsil.  Responsiveness was good but not as good as the best players we have seen now.  It wasn't a slow player; it just wasn't lightning fast anymore.


The Load Time Tests indicate that it is now the same speed at the BDP-S580 was which is still good.  The power on test was done without using the quick start mode, as that uses more power in standby.  Overall on the test scores the Sony does very well.